Welcome! I’m so grateful that you’re here.

Imagine being offered a chance to journey to the rare and wonderful place of self-revelation. An opportunity so rare and exciting that you’d be on the edge of your seat for the next few weeks, discovering new things about yourself. Despite the inner critic, and popular messages, you are not “too old” to be excited by new things uncovered about yourself. Connecting to new places within yourself isn’t only possible, but mandatory to a life worth living. Who you are and the mission you’re on is an unfolding adventure that doesn’t just continue as we walk through life, but grows in strength. Our personalities and sense of mission only purify – if we honor them with maintenance, care and respect.

Want my list of favorite music to create to? (hint: they’ll each jog your noggin in a completely different way..!) Yes!

Lee_Mt_Mystic_slide_Bluefly Lens

Gain fresh vision for yourself and for your life. See to the center of your heart. Experience and propel the excitement you have for life! Childlike wonder and amazement is yours for the taking. Invite yourself to dream, create and admire not just life, but your life. Personality Portraits stimulate your dreaming side, your creativity, your courage and your liberty.